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Timely Opportunities

4 Strategies to Strengthen Your Small Business

Even at the best of times, the future is unpredictable. As anyone who has run a business for any length of time understands, there will often be challenges, many of which are unexpected — such as a global pandemic — coming straight out of left field. Here are four strategies your small company can use […]
Timely Opportunities

Estate Planning Isn’t Just for the Wealthy

Thanks to today’s favorable federal gift and estate tax rules, most people haven’t amassed enough wealth to worry about federal estate taxes. However, even if you haven’t had the good fortune to win the lotto or inherit millions from a wealthy relative, you still need an estate plan to protect your assets and your loved […]
General Litigation

Safety Is Your Business, Too

Business owners have a legal responsibility to make sure their premises are reasonably safe, and failure to do so can land a company in court. Whether you own a store, an office building or another business that is open to the public, you must take the following steps: Regularly inspect your premises to ensure there […]
Intellectual Property

A Little Patent Knowledge Can Be an Expensive Thing

Lost profits are the central focus when calculating damages in cases involving infringement or other violation of intellectual property, such as copyrights. A four-part test to prove lost profits was laid out in the landmark case of Panduit Corp. v Stahlin Bros. Fibre Works. Meeting these four parts let the plaintiff prove that it would […]
Timely Opportunities

Breakeven and Burn Rate: Valuable Tools for Managing Performance

Breakeven and burn rate have historically been used to gauge the viability of start-ups and high-tech companies that have yet to turn a profit. But these analytical tools can also be used by established businesses that are struggling to survive today’s challenging market conditions. What’s Breakeven? Breakeven analysis calculates the volume of sales at which […]
Timely Opportunities

What Can You Do to Lower Your 2023 Tax Obligation?

It’s hard to believe that 2023 is already half over. Although summer is a time for vacations and relaxing in the backyard, you can’t afford to take a break from managing your tax bill. Now is a good time to think about proactive moves that could cut your 2023 tax liability. Here are six ideas […]
Employment Law

Free Speech Limits in the Workplace

Employees who make comments and express opinions that irritate, offend or anger their colleagues are a major source of workplace conflict. The same is true of employees who argue with supervisors, using inflammatory or profane language. When employees who express themselves in these ways are told to stop, they often respond: “I have a right […]
Business Fraud Prevention

Six Steps to Prevent Trust From Being Betrayed

In order to effectively run a company, senior managers are entrusted with tremendous power and authority. But what if they decide to use it to line their own pockets? Investigations of executive management can be highly contentious and fraught with difficulty. It is imperative that they are conducted with the utmost discretion by highly trained […]
Timely Opportunities

Risk Management: 8 Ways to Reduce Business Insurance Costs

How much money is your business spending on insurance products? Insurance is often a major business expense, and it can be a lifesaver when the unexpected happens. However, higher spending doesn’t necessarily equate to better coverage. Rather than focusing on just the price, it’s important to match insurance products and coverage levels with your business’s […]
Timely Opportunities

Transfer Pricing Done Right

Today’s companies operate in a global marketplace. Many have subsidiaries, affiliates and other related companies located overseas. Transfer pricing can help multinational companies cut their tax bills. With the IRS closely scrutinizing such transactions, however, it’s critical that you understand the rules and requirements. You should also learn how an advance pricing agreement (APA) can […]