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Intellectual Property

Answers to Your Questions about Trademarks

Searching for the right name for your products and services is not a simple task. But obtaining trademark protection can be a critical part of the success of your business. Here are some answers to questions about trademark law. Q. What is the difference between a trademark and a service mark? A. A trademark is […]
Employment Law

Difficult Disability Distinctions

The definition of what qualifies as a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is not always clear — and alcoholism presents a particularly difficult issue. Although the disease of alcoholism falls within the scope of the ADA, the actions of an employer toward an alcoholic don’t always violate the law. Guidance from the […]
Timely Opportunities

Handling Student Loan Debt

Starting September 1, 2023, federal student loans will begin accruing interest again. And loan payments will officially restart in October 2023. As part of federal relief measures during the COVID-19 pandemic, individuals with federal student loan debt weren’t required to make payments, and interest charges were suspended. Those relief measures have been in place since […]
Timely Opportunities

Update on Retirement Account RMDs

If you have a tax-favored retirement account, you generally must take required minimum distributions (RMDs) each year after you reach the “magic” age. If you don’t take RMDs, you’ll be hit with an expensive federal tax penalty, unless an exception applies. (See “Which Plans Are Affected by the RMD Rules?” at right.) The age that […]
Business Fraud Prevention

Don’t Let Trade Secrets Leave with Employees

During tough economic times, internal fraud can increase. These incidents can range from employees padding their expense accounts because they are falling behind in their bills to managers inflating earnings because they are under pressure to meet certain targets. More Ways Your BusinessCan Protect Trade Secrets 1. Encrypt electronic files so that they cannot be […]
Commercial Law

Trying to Collect Money Owed to Your Company?

When your business has delinquent debts, you may need help. Your law firm might be able to assist you in collecting money owed on past due accounts, unpaid promissory notes, judgments and other debts. In many cases, the prospect of legal action by a law firm results in quick recovery of money owed to your […]
Timely Opportunities

Now Hiring: Creative Ideas to Attract Skilled Workers

Finding and keeping talent can be challenging in today’s competitive hiring market. Many workers are ready and willing to switch jobs, in search of greener pastures. And there’s a skills shortage — especially for high-tech, accounting, health care and executive positions. If your company is having recruitment and retention problems, consider these suggestions to make […]
Timely Opportunities

6 Types of Payroll Tax Obligations Employers Should Know

There’s more to paying taxes than just federal and state income taxes. Another major tax chore for employers is payroll taxes. These expenditures can be significant, and the reporting requirements can be onerous. So it’s important for small business owners to understand the basics. Beware: Remote Work May Complicate State Income Taxes Generally, employees incur […]

Transferring Real Estate to Heirs: Issues that Can Arise Without a Will

When someone dies owning real estate, problems may occur — especially if the individual doesn’t have a will. This article addresses some of the issues that could arise so that you can plan ahead to make the process go smoothly for your heirs. A person can leave real property specifically to someone in a will […]
Business Law

Obtaining Investors without Registering with the SEC

There comes a time when many businesses need to raise money to take advantage of growth opportunities. Perhaps your small profitable company or promising start-up wants to attract investors. Do you have to register with the SEC? It depends. You may be able to qualify for one of several exemptions from federal registration requirements under […]