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Name an Understudy for Yourself with a Power of Attorney

Few images are as scary as imagining yourself incapacitated. Still, you should consider the possibility that in your absence, someone else will have to take care of business and make important decisions. Enter the power of attorney. Here’s what you need to know about this important legal document. As the principal, you choose someone (often […]
Business Law

Eight Legal Risks Facing Businesses

Operating in today’s business world can sometimes seem like you’re navigating a legal minefield. You must be aware of, and comply with, numerous laws and regulations. A misstep can result in expensive and time-consuming legal challenges. Below are eight legal risks facing businesses, along with some of the related federal laws involved. Keep in mind […]
Timely Opportunities

Should You Extend Your 2022 Tax Return?

In a statement posted to its website on February 3, 2023, the IRS asked certain taxpayers to temporarily hold off on filing their 2022 returns until it could issue guidance on how to treat special tax refunds and payments made by approximately 20 states in 2022. The IRS published additional guidance to resolve this issue […]
Timely Opportunities

Top 3 Federal Tax Law Changes that Could Affect Your Business Return

Every tax season, business owners must familiarize themselves with tax law changes that went into effect for that tax year. Fortunately, businesses don’t have to contend with sweeping changes for 2022. But there are three major ones that could affect business taxpayers as they file federal income tax returns this year for 2022. 1. Reduced […]
General Litigation

Four Types of Civil Relief When Filing a Lawsuit

When you’re thinking about legal action, one of the main considerations is: “What can I expect to gain?” The remedies generally depend on: The nature of the claim, How much harm you suffered, The defendant’s conduct, and The court itself. Briefly, there are four types of civil relief available if your rights have been violated: […]
Intellectual Property

Trademark Protection for Product Shapes and Containers

American law has long granted trademark protection to the shapes of products and containers. Perhaps the most famous example is the instantly recognizable Coca-Cola bottle, which is almost as important a trademark as the soft drink company’s stylized name logo (Trademark protection for the product shapes and containers should not be confused with the safeguards […]
Timely Opportunities

Watch Out for Phishing Scams

The proliferation of phishing scams continues. Here are some new fraud schemes you should look out for, as well as twists on well-known varieties that have worked in the past. Staying Safe How can you protect yourself against phishing scams? There’s no foolproof method, but some common sense helps. Consider these five helpful hints. Be […]
Timely Opportunities

Warning: Your 2022 Tax Bill May Ring in Higher

It’s that time of year again: tax season. Temporary tax relief measures that were provided during the pandemic have expired, so the changes to the tax rules for 2022 are generally unfavorable to many individual taxpayers. That means that you may owe more than you have in recent years. The reason is that many of […]
Employment Law

Avoid Discrimination in Your Dress Code

When customers see your company’s employees, they gather impressions about your business. That’s one reason to exercise some control over what staff members can wear to work and what grooming standards they must follow. Obviously, you want your staff to reflect competence and professionalism. Consistent Application is Key Quantum Electronics had a dress code which […]
Business Fraud Prevention

Let a Contingency Plan Steer You Through a Fraud Disaster

The first thing every Boy Scout or Girl Scout learns is to “be prepared.” Business owners would do well to remember this motto when they’re developing fraud control procedures. Even if you don’t believe your employees are capable of defrauding the company, it could happen. And if you have a fraud contingency plan in place, […]