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Timely Opportunities

Factoring ESG and Other Nonfinancial Goals into Your Variable-Pay Policy

 Get a Firm Grip on our Rate by   Getting it in Writing Rates are a major consideration when you’re shopping for a mortgage. After all, you want to find the best one available. You also want to be sure that you are not only able to handle the monthly payments now, but also throughout the […]
Timely Opportunities

Hiring Workers This Summer and Beyond

After receiving an inheritance, you need to determine how to incorporate those assets, whether stocks, bonds, real estate, or some other asset, into your finances. Consider these points during the process:  Determine what you will receive and when. Inheritances typically don’t come in the form of one check. You’re likely to receive pieces of different […]
Employment Law

The Importance of Keeping Non-Compete Agreements Specific

When using non-compete clauses in employment contracts, company managers should be mindful that such provisions are better able to withstand legal challenges if they are narrowly tailored. When an employee challenges a non-compete covenant, courts often look at whether the agreement is reasonably limited in terms of time and geographic scope. If it is too […]
Business Fraud Prevention

Doing Business Abroad: Illegal Payoffs Can Take a Toll

Bribery of government officials is widely viewed as a major problem that, left unchecked, can draw in large and small companies as they compete to win foreign jobs or get approval to enter a new market. The Legal Elements of Bribery The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act prohibits bribing foreign government officials to obtain or retain […]

U.S. Patent Office Awards Breakthrough Patent to ShawnCoulson’s Co-Managing Partner William Shawn and Colleague Rick Murphy

U.S. Patent Office has just issued the long-awaited patent “Method and Apparatus for Securing the Privacy of a Computer Network,” to co-inventors William Shawn and Rick Murphy to cover their new, robust privacy-protection technology designed to meet strict health, banking, retailing, and consumer privacy protection laws and regulations worldwide. Patent Number 9,621,539, which issued April […]