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U.S. Patent Office Awards Breakthrough Patent to ShawnCoulson’s Co-Managing Partner William Shawn and Colleague Rick Murphy

U.S. Patent Office has just issued the long-awaited patent “Method and Apparatus for Securing the Privacy of a Computer Network,” to co-inventors William Shawn and Rick Murphy to cover their new, robust privacy-protection technology designed to meet strict health, banking, retailing, and consumer privacy protection laws and regulations worldwide.

Patent Number 9,621,539, which issued April 11, 2017, is a unique combination of automated privacy compliance technology and systems architecture designed for database-agnostic communication to meet the most stringent privacy laws and regulations, including well-known U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), banking, and EU Privacy Directive requirements, among others.

Thomas Peterson, a noted privacy technology expert, electronic engineer, and patent lawyer who successfully represented Messrs. Shawn and Murphy’s application at the U.S. Patent Office, said the invention innovatively uses cyber security technology to deny access to hackers while facilitating access by discrete levels of authorized users with automated audit trails and other ingenious precautions, including a database-agnostic communications capability, to solve disparate database communications problems.

Messrs. Shawn and Murphy formed Bonded Private Networks (BPN) to market their invention, and to serve the healthcare, banking, retailing, and other industries requiring advanced privacy protection technology. BPN’s previous tests have demonstrated user enthusiasm for the ease of operation and low cost of the technology. Recent developments, including termination of the “Safe Harbor” granted by the E.U. to U.S. companies storing consumer-identifiable data outside the U.S., could make the invention’s architecture a mandated regulatory compliance solution.